7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Great Website In 2019


Creating a website for your business is one of the most critical steps in establishing an online presence in 2019. While there are multiple avenues for advertising and presenting your business online, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, none are as useful and detailed as a fully customized website. Telling your story, presenting your narrative, and explaining your products or services can all be done through a well-designed website.

Why is a Website Important in 2019?

1. People are more focused on local searches

Local business owners often believe that owning a website isn’t an essential part of their operation. They reason that they’re too small or that they don’t have enough knowledge or funds to create a website from scratch. However, regardless of your size, a website can help your business succeed online. Since 86% of consumers rely on the internet to find local products, services, and businesses, local companies have an advantage over national companies.

2. Your company needs to stand out

Everywhere they look, people are bombarded with the advertisements and pop-ups of companies fighting for their attention. Although you can use social media and review websites to show people information about your company and show off customer testimonials, it’s not enough. When you use a social media platform like Facebook, your business’ colors and messaging are always swallowed up in the platform’s brand. On your website, you’re able to customize the colors, messaging, and features that you’d like people to associate with your company. 

3. Your company needs to tell its story 

Explaining your company’s story is a great way to demonstrate its authenticity and personality. People love to hear the stories of how local businesses are intertwined in their community. A business website allows you to engage with consumers and let them know not only how you can help them, but why your company is the best solution. With so many businesses for consumers to turn to, adding a personal touch can make a massive difference in determining whether someone chooses you or your competitor

4. Consumers can find information about your product or services

According to InternetLiveStats, over 3 billion searches are made every day. More than ever, people look online for information about the best products, services, and companies near them. As a business, you can use this to your advantage by publishing information about your services, products, and company on your website. For example, restaurants can post menus and photos of their food and space. Service-based businesses can offer customers quick quotes or set up a members-only area. A website for an HVAC company could allow customers to schedule appointments online. No matter what type of business you have, consumers should be able to find out more about you and your product or services through your website.

5. It unifies your online marketing

While Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great ways for people to learn about and follow your business, a website can tie all of those channels to one specific place. All of your online marketing (like social media) should link back to your website, giving you the ability to shape a consumer’s experience with your brand.

6. It establishes credibility

There’s a certain level of professionalism and credibility associated with a clean, modern website. Think about the last time you visited a website for a business that gave you a negative impression. A modern website that’s well-built can create a positive experience for potential consumers.

7. A website gives online ads a landing page

Over 31% of internet users respond to online advertisements by clicking directly on the ad, rather than using a search engine to find the business or typing the business’ name in their web browser? That means 31% of people who view your online advertisements can be directed straight to your website. Rather than see another Facebook page, they’ll learn about your business and the benefits of your services. 

Your Website. Designed For Growth

At AMARQUEZ, we help local businesses like yours improve their online presence. A well-designed website can establish your online presence and position your company as a leader in your industry. As more and more people shop and search online, a website is an investment that you can’t afford to pass up. 

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