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We’re founded on customer service. Though we started out as a “typical” marketing agency, we found that it lacks an important component: a focus on people. Though other agencies will focus on the “what”, “when”, and “how” of providing their services, we take it a step further by focusing on “why”. Serving people is our core, our essence. It guides our every action and decision and drives us forward to better things for our clients and our employees.
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Making marketing simple.

We’ve been working with local businesses since 2011 and have enjoyed the journey. We are always improving our services and experience for clients. Our simple approach to online marketing makes it easy for our clients to focus on their business while we improve their online presence.


Client Success
On paper, I’m the CEO of AMARQUEZ. In reality, I have one job: to make sure our clients receive the best service possible. Some people call it “customer service”, I call it good business.
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Project Success
My job at AMARQUEZ is making sure we always deliver project deliverables on time and on-point. My work day is filled with system-building activities and lots of thoughts (and rants) about the best way to do things.


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